The Internet nowadays has become an integral part of everyday life of individuals. They use it for entertainment, or even for learning. Due to that fact, more and more people have been subscribing to shared data plans for their families in order to stay connected online, specifically when they are anywhere within the household. However, some of these data plans are not fit for the actual usage of some households. Reasons for this include the number of people who are on the same connection at the same time, which in turn saturates the bandwidth capacity thereby causing connectivity issues such as lagging and hang-ups. Stream understands this dilemma, and is now more focused on the needs of families in a household.

According to studies, an average household has a range of four to six devices that are connected to the Internet. They connect the Internet to do bandwidth-hungry activities such as video streaming, downloading songs and movies, and even playing games. Because of this, the wireless connection for all the devices may not be good if it is not set against the number of connections to the bandwidth the family has purchased for their monthly data plan. Stream has carefully studied this situation and has come up with a data plan that is perfect for a family of four. This situation could prove to be costly, especially when all or most of the family members are heavy users of data bandwidth (i.e. video streaming, gaming), but with Stream’s plan, there will be a good amount of savings to be incurred, and will surely be enjoyed by the family in many ways.

For just $120 per month ($30 per line), a family of five or more, can enjoy an Unlimited All-In data plan. With this plan, they can enjoy countless texts, calls, and most importantly, data (with 4G LTE data speeds) on the Sprint network. It is safe to say that they can now enjoy the discounts that they have been longing for.

In addition, they will also be able to enjoy other features such as Mobile Hot Spot and Wi-Fi Calling. And most of all, the unlimited data plan Stream is offering is without any contractual obligations, and one can even use their existing phone number or device to connect if compatible. A one-time activation fee of $20 dollars is for any new number that comes onto the Sprint network. No activation fee charges, for existing numbers that can be ported over. 

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